Advanced English 2 Syllabus


Advanced English II (10th Grade)

Amelia Brown

Room D111


Welcome to Advanced English 10

2022-2023 Class Syllabus


Vision Statement: The vision of Paloma Valley High School is to work with the students, staff, parents, and community members to meet the diverse needs of all students by preparing the to be responsible citizens and meet their post-secondary education or career goals.


ROAR= Respectful of all individuals and property, Optimistic about current and future endeavors, Ambitious about extracurricular goals, Responsible for actions, decisions, and accomplishments.


Course Description: Advanced English II is a two-semester course for 10th grade students who enjoy being challenged and are considering taking upper level courses in the future. This class will continue to expand your knowledge of literature, grammar, composition, and vocabulary, as well as develop the fundamental speaking and listening skills necessary for our world.  My goal is to facilitate your communication skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) in a challenging, engaging, interactive environment that will meet and exceed Common Core English Standards.  


Textbook:  We will use the online version of our textbook which I have assigned to you on the SAVVAS site that you access through your Classlink account. I also keep a class set of the textbooks in my room. 


Various novels will also be assigned. 


Materials for Success:

Please bring these items DAILY to ensure your preparation and success!

  • district provided chromebook (charged)

  • A positive attitude

  • paper/pen/pencil to take notes when necessary


Electronic Device Policy:

You are required to bring your Chromebook to class every day with a fully charged battery.  It is your responsibility to charge your Chromebook daily!  


When the teacher says that cell phones must be out of sight, they need to be stored properly or the teacher has the right to confiscate the cell phone.


How you behave is a direct reflection of how you expect me to treat you!  Please behave respectfully so that we can all learn from one another! Failure to comply with these expectations will result in a phone call home and/or a referral to the office. I DO NOT WANT TO BABYSIT! I WANT TO TEACH!


  • Begin the Daily Writing Prompt assignment during the first 5 minutes of class

  • Be respectful toward the teacher, other staff members, and other students

  • DO NOT RECORD AND POST VIDEOS of other students or teacher without permission

  • Appropriate language is necessary in all class discussions (both written and live)

  • Do your best to follow the directions and give maximum effort during ALL class activities.


Diversity Acceptance:

Being successful in school and the world depends on our ability to respect people regardless of our differences.  During class time, I will NOT permit derogatory words that discriminate based on race, gender, ethnicity, class, religion, or sexual orientation.  THIS IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER DURING ONLINE DISCUSSIONS (WRITTEN AND VERBAL)


Work Policy:

All work is to be completed and turned in on time.  I provide ample time in class to work on assignments, so homework is only a rare occasion, unless student is not using class time properly.LATE WORK IS ACCEPTED WITHIN EACH SIX WEEK GRADING PERIOD, BUT WILL HAVE REDUCED POINTS.  IF STUDENT IS ABSENT DUE TO ILLNESS, FAMILY EMERGENCY, OR OTHER SERIOUS MATTER, PARENT SHOULD CONTACT ME. 


Grading Policy:

Grades are based on a percentile distribution:

90% or higher = A

80% to 89.9%=B

70 to 79.9%= C

60 to 69.9%= D

Less than 60%= F


Points are distributed into the following weighted categories:

Assignments: 40%

  • Grammar, vocabulary exercises, discussions, daily writing prompts, reading assignments

Writing: 30%

  • AXES paragraphs, essays,

Assessments/Projects: 30%

  • Presentations, screencasts, dialectical journals, and a variety of other media showing mastery of standards.

  • Word Root Quizzes

  • Assessments on reading

  • Final Exams


Academic Dishonesty:

“Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking”--H. Jackson Brown

If you are caught cheating, you will automatically earn a “0” for the assignment, a referral to the Principal’s office, and a phone call home.  


When ABSENT, it is your RESPONSIBILITY to go to the CLASS CANVAS page and make up the Daily Writing Prompts.  Always check our CANVAS page and have a couple of classmates that you can check in with.